YSL sighting today, was this you???????????

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  1. gals, we've got this thread on the b-bag forum & it's sooooooooooo much fun :smile:...whenever we see a cool b-bag out & about, we try & post it on TPF...so, after seeing a pretty YSL muse today, i thought i'd try & start one over here ;)...why should celebrities get all the attention?!?!

    where: starbucks, columbus circle, nyc
    what: a gorgeous anthracite muse
    who: a pretty brunette girl
    when: wednesday, 9/20 @ 9:30am

    :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:

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  2. Ah--not me--I was carrying my origan Classique today. But I work just down the block from that Starbucks, so this did get me laughing.
  3. That could have been you, Susan...right color of Muse, and everything!
  4. Except it's so not me LOL--I never carry my Muse that way--only dangling from my hand or on my forearm.
  5. :lol: This is too funny and cute! Do you guys take the pics without asking the person and just try to sneak a pic without them looking?!...what if you get caught?!:Push: I guess you can just tell them the truth...."Oh, I'm taking pics for a Purseblog!", you never know SHE might be a purse forum gal!:nuts:
  6. interesting thread aaa! i didn't know there's a b-bag spotting thread as well. how cool. :smile:
  7. The funny thing is that when I was walking home today on that block, I passed another woman carrying a black medium Muse and then when I went into Bergdorf's on the way home, a woman behind the counter of a competitor handbag was saying to her co-workers--I'm going to get a Muse--the red one!
  8. yippy, i'm so happy you gals are enjoying my thread :yahoo:...my photos are taken undercover w/my trusty motorola camera phone (below) :P...i figure, it's all in good fun & i'd think it was hysterical if someone caught me on the streets of nyc with my bags :smile:...since joining TPF, i get so excited now when i spot a cool bag & i'm always wondering if it's mommy is a PFer!!!

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  9. ^^^aaa is the BEST undercover CIA Bag Spotter & Photographer!!!:yes: :lol:

  10. ^^ lol, wouldn't that be a cool job?!?!
  11. she looks great with it!
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