YSL Shopping Tote Color: Pallisandre (Red) or Bordeaux (Wine/Purple)

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  1. Any thoughts? I am leaning towards the Bordeaux because I think it's more neutral for me.

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  2. bordeaux! gorgeous and quite neutral color!
  3. [emoji171] the Bordeaux!
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  4. I really love the Bordeaux!
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  5. I bought the Pallisandre last week and it's a lot darker in real life than the pictures. It's more like oxblood. Happy shopping!
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  6. Love the pallisandre. It is darker in real life. Both are beautiful colors!
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  7. Yea, I would pick Bordeaux cuz it will be easier to match your outfits.
  8. Can you ladies post your Palissandre tote please? Would love to see the color!
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