YSL Shopper Tote vs Celine Cabas Phantom

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  1. Hi! I'm trying to decide between the two as a work bag (need to carry a 13-14in laptop). I love the classy, understated and minimalist look of both bags, but am not sure how they wear with use.
    If anyone could comment on the durability or pro/cons of the bag, I would really appreciate it!!
    (also posting in the Celine section)
    Thanks again!!
  2. I purchased a ysl tote in black from Nordstrom back in Dec of 2016 and the leather was not smooth (had some hard little bumps) and over the period of three months these little bumps started getting discolored (kind of whitish”) Also the gold stamp was fading. Needless to say, i took back to them and they gave me a brand new bag in the dark gray color. I don’t use it often. I can say that I use it for a straight month every three or four months and I noticed the bottom corners are showing some white spots as signs of wear and tear, which is ridiculous for that price point. I have two neverfull MMs for 4 years now and they show NO wear .... not sure about YSL’s quality. I do think we all should speak up so these companies will step up their games. Go for the Celine
  3. ah okay! can the celine hold a laptop (without distorting the bag)?
    I'm just concerned about durability. I like the never full but its far to common for my preference.
  4. I have never used the celine. Just sharing my opinion based on the reviews I’ve read along the years ans based on my experience with ysl. The celine experts might help you
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