YSL Shoes

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  1. Where is the best place to look for sale YSL shoes? I just love their hoes but would love to snag some a tad cheaper. I refuse to buy on blue fly because their prices are ridicolus for old items.
  2. Can't help but I totally agree that bluefly increased the prices way too much!
  3. ^ Yeah I was looking there the other day and was like...hmmm

    Any outlets you could call and ask them about their stock?
  4. You can follow YSL_Sales on twitter and they post YSL deals (on clothes, bags and shoes) on a variety of websites. They find some great deals sometimes.
  5. I am looking for a YSL tribute sandal in luggage on sale... Has anyone ever seen a luggage / cuico(sp) on sale? Ebay seems to be more pricer than the department store. I've seen burgundy, gold, and denim at Neiman's last Novemberish. Maybe Im just wasting my time and that particular color will never go onsale:shrugs:
  6. There's always Bonanzle and the Bay. Just make sure to get them authenticated before buying.
  7. I just sucked it up and paid full price. If you check YSL boutiques, they regularly have sales (sizes limited). I saw a pair of grey suede tribute pumps for 400 bucks once! Not in my size tho...=(
  8. Unfortunately, I have that common size 38 shoe that sells out first. I may just suck it up too.. I hear their amazingly comfortable and tdf!
  9. I'd check boutiques and department stores (NM, etc) for their sales. Often times, I've found those sales (if you get lucky) are much better deals than ebay PLUS they're new and guaranteed authentic.

    I have a pair of YSL patent blk leather tribute pumps...those are SO gorgeous and comfy for 5 inch heels that I just sucked it up. Once in a while, it's sorta worth it to suck it up.
  10. I'd go to Nordstrom Racks in Costa Mesa for their semi annual designer shoe sell usually held in February and July.

    I actually got my YSL Aliana Pumps at the Nordstrom Designer Shoe event not too long ago.
  11. My NYC YSL SA, Fen Fen (I think you say it "Fun Fun") is super sweet and she probably would be happy to let you know when they have a sale. She definitely pointed out a few pairs last time I was in there that were a great price. I am sure most of the SAs would be happy to help you, really.
  12. I've seen some pretty good deals on ebay, just keep an eye out.
  13. Thanks for all your help. I feel like a mad woman checking 10 sites a day! lol! I would love to give your SA my number just in case she comes across them. The SA's in Seattle are sooo lazy! You think with all the coffee we drink they'd be over achievers!:lol:
  14. Hi! I talk to YSL outlet SAs a lot ! they are very very very very nice !!! (they literally reply to all my questions...I have to admit I ask tons of questions..) and they send you photos of everything u r asking about =) and they have decent sales on shoes!! last week they even had extra 50% off on shoes !
  15. I got my Aliama's at Saks on sale for $298. It was during their January sale (maybe end of December). I agree that outlets are perfect, and always have SOMETHING available, just never sure on what style or size. Bonanzle and eBay are good places, just make sure to get them authenticated first!