YSL shoes now available online at Nordstrom!

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  2. I would steal a car for the tribute sandals in the second pic, lol!
  3. me too alouette! but i have children to take care of....LOL

  4. I noticed this last week. Shoes, but no handbags, at least not yet. *fingers crossed*
  5. Very happy about the shoes!!...but really waiting for the bags!! :biggrin:
  6. Me too...but it is a really good start!
  7. Would love to see the bags too.
  8. ^^ ITA! the closest Nordstrom by my house doesn't even carry YSL bags i think...
  9. ita about the bags being on Nordstrom.com..but nice to know the shoes are up there..thanks bella!

    wish i lived near a norstrom location that carried ysl bags
  10. I am so lusting after a pair of Tributes to match my Berry Muse!!!! This is good news!
  11. OHHHHHHH...how fabulous would those be lolita!
  12. Thanks for sharing...There is still hope for the bags :smile:
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