YSL Severine - opinions?!


Oct 7, 2006
Hi Ladies,
I'm considering this bag. Let me first say, it will be my 4th expensive bag in a period of 3 months (otherwise I'd just buy it without a thought), so let me know if you think it's fab or just okay:
I vote No. I would have never guessed it was YSL from the picture. Is the entire bag leather? It looks like neoprene/microfiber with leather trim. Perhaps my eyes are deceiving me. For a work tote, I personally love the Rebecca Minkoff Tote. The price tag is decent and I love the style of it. You can view it on her website: Rebecca Minkoff handbags

gregsgirl :heart:
Yeah, it's canvas with leather trim. I've been looking for a summer tote that isn't so heavy looking. I love the Severine in leather, but not sure in this combo (which is why I posted :smile:

Any more opinions???