YSL Severine Hobo - Opinions?

  1. Opinions on this bag? I really like it except for the fact that the description says the top is open. It's leather with suede trim and it's big. Pic is from NM.

  2. I love the shape, the detailing, the leather, and of course it's black...which goes with everything. I'm not too fond of open top bags either, but if you love it, then you should get it. I have Coach and Fendi bags that only have snap closures or open tops, but I love how they look!!
  3. I saw this bag yesteday IRL and loved it. I had been leaning towards the MJ Hudson but then I saw this and switched gears. Its seems really elegant to me and its a good practical shape. I don't mind and actually prefer an open top, I think, b/c its just easier for me to get stuff in and out of quickly. This is a little more than I wanted to spend though so I need to think some more about whether or not its worth it.
  4. I really like this bag. It's different from your typical YSL bags, more casual (at least to me). If you do decide to get it, please post pics!
  5. I like this bag but have not seen it IRL. It looks like it would be a nice everyday bag. I agree that I like the top of my bags to close, but I will say that I don't always buy bags that close. Sometimes, if I love it, I'll just go for it.
  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag. I saw it at Bloomingdales (I think) NYC....it has a snap top so it's not totally open. The leather + suede + patent trim rocks my world. It's stunning. :nuts:
  7. I like the leather/suede combo!
  8. I saw one on sale in brown leather at bluefly yesterday. Fabulous bag, but I have another open top YSL bag and I found I much prefer tops that close totally
  9. I love this bag.