YSL serial codes....help please YSL experts!

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  1. Hi, I'm very new to YSL.
    I am not familiar with the date codes inside YSL handbags.
    Can someone tell me how they are deciphered?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi MoreLV!

    What a great question! Do you have a specific YSL bag in mind?
    For instance, the muse comes in medium, large (156464) and oversize (153959) and each have a six digit code that is found printed on the paper tag and etched inside the back of the leather tag attached to the inside pocket. Other YSL handbag styles have their own codes, too. I think the medium downtowns have code #: 175884.
  3. :bump:

    Hellooo Yves Saint Liz, are you more certain on that code for Medium Downtowns? :shrugs:

    I'm looking at one in Purple and I can't for the life of me tell from looking at it which size it is! It has the same fan shape as a Medium, but also has the little bat wings that the large always seems to get, and in looks it seems taller than usual.

    The tag code is 175884, and measurements are:

    13.5" tall at tallest point in centre
    19" wide with wings fully, er, extended :lol:
    10" deep - the base is in fact 10" square

  4. Hang on though, here's a pic of the tall and it really is tall!

  5. ^FrankieP, that's definitely a medium.

    Large = 17" tall
    Medium = 14" tall
  6. Cosmo, thank you so much! :hugs::flowers:
  7. Frankie, it's a medium. I checked both of my medium downtowns and both have the same code #175884.
  8. Fantastic, thanks so much for your time Bubbles, I really appreciate it! :hugs:
  9. Hi Frankie!

    I looooove the downtown in this color!

    Let us know if you get it!:yes:
  10. I GOT IT!!!!! :woohoo:
  11. Hi, do the muse bags have the same codes?

    I've checked 2 on ebay and they have the same serial number imprinted. same colour, same style
  12. Hi R,

    Yes, all the OS muses have the 153959 code regardless of style and color. The medium and large muses share the 156464 code.
  13. thanks for clearing that up! i was so confused seeing the same serial numbers
  14. Can anybody help to authenticate this bag?

    I bought it on auction.

    Serial number:

    Thanks so much x

    Attached Files: