YSL Scoop (Roady Flap) in Wine

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  1. whats the price again?I forget..think its 18XX?
  2. $1,895 I think
  3. i gotta find a place where there is no tax..LOL!
  4. Awesome snag S! I really love the Scoop, wish I could find a use for one. sigh

    I would have the exact colors as you too.
  5. Oh wow S!!! I wonder if this will be my bag too since I got the "wine"....hmm...I am so waiting!! Love that you put it next to the Porto...;)
  6. Beautiful S!!! That is the same bag that I had on hold when I got my Jackie. I just didn't dare bring both home that day. Ryry - I'm sure you will love it!!!:biggrin:
  7. Now I'm wondering if my wine is same color as yours. It should be here today. I love yours ssc0619 as I think it's the Marie Claire red that we've been looking for.
  8. SSC, oh what a beautiful bag and this red/wine color is perfect imo! I'd say she's a keeper!
  9. I'm totally wondering that too. You got yours at NM too?
  10. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments-- I think it is a keeper!
  11. Oh gosh...since this was the last thing I looked at before bed last night...I had a dream about this bag...and the Portobello since both are coming to me! I remember in my dream that the Scoop was larger than the Porto (which does not seem to be true)...WTF is wrong with me that I am dreaming about bags?

  12. lol!!
  13. I still can't believe that I had this on hold and passed it up. I could kick myself!!! I guess I will have to drool at the three of yours!!!:biggrin:
  14. Oh My Gawd!!! Hysterical A!!!!
  15. ssc- i'm glad you're keeping this beauty! love the unique shade of red!!! congrats!!!
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