YSL Scoop (Roady Flap) in Wine

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  1. I know that y'all know how much I love my black YSL Scoop. It is my favorite bag this year. Well, I was wanting another one and found out that NM had it in what they called "wine". I ordered it and got it today. It is not what I would call wine at all. I would call this a red, but it has some interesting undertones in it. It is really hard to capture in pictures.

    For your reference I took picture with another bag-- a dark brown Chanel portobello was handy, so that's what I use.

    Outside in Sun


    With Portobello in Sun


    In a bit of Shade




    I actually like this color, so am leaning towards keeping it!!
  2. I love that color too, but doesn't look anything like the pix the NM SA sent me. That bag looks like the bag behind --KWIM?

    I won't be home to get mine today, leaving now, but will post pix tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!!! Let us know what you decide, it's a beauty.

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  3. Hmm, I'd call that "lipstick red". And it's Gorgeous! I say keep if you have alot of neutrals. Red would absolutely pop against them.

    I just got the black YSL flap myself - love love love. I haven't carried it yet though. I want to get an organizer insert first.
  4. Really really gorgeous, congrats! :woohoo: Perfect shade of red IMO.

    Don't forget to post your pics in the Reference Library.

    Do you think this is the same color that we saw in August in Marie Claire magazine?

  5. It does look like the second bag-- the bag behind. I just looked at the description of the bag on the pick ticket from NM and it says YSL - wine.

    I just looked at the bag again and it does look more like wine in certain lights. I tried to capture it in these photos...




    For some reason the bag is photographing lighter indoors than it is. And of course what I see on my monitor may be different from yours. But on my monitor the second picture is the closest to the color if you have it inside.
  6. Ahhh this is the best pic. Love it!

  7. At first I was going to say no, but I think it might be!
  8. ^I think it is too.
  9. wow...beautiful red!! i do think it has the undertone of wine in it...not that bright lipstick red...really love it. keep it...:heart:
  10. Oh, my this is TDF, please keep it, please ...I haven't seen nicer red
  11. Stunning!! Do you mind letting me know where did you get it? I am eyeing the black version
  12. LOVE it!!!! I'm normally not much for red bags, but the undertones of this shade are just gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. mouseptrolix--
    I got this one at NM. According to my SA they have very few left--both in wine and black.

    Good luck!
  14. OMG..I MUST have that bag!LOL!
    Where did u order it from??

    OOPS..just saw u answered that!
    what NM do u use?
  15. ^^Jill -- just pm'ed you the info!!
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