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  1. I'm not sure if I'm in the correct place to post this note or not. I was looking around on ebay with ysl college bags in particular. I had noticed that there a number of ysl bags all types for sale for $ 500.00. I noticed that all the sellers lived in different states and were new with no feedback. I called ebay today about two med college bags that looked to have the same photos and again no feedback and both bags were $ 500.00 in two different states. I will contact ebay, but I wanted to caution those who are looking for ysl handbags. I did not know where to post this information, so please forgive me if I'm not in the correct place. Just felt it was too important to ignore.
  2. I totally noticed this too! Sad part is a lot of them are selling. Hopefully eBayers start realizing something's up.
  3. I'm sure they were authentic. Just allegedly stolen. The sellers even offered a return policy. A case was opened with the fraud team. I could have easily purchased one of these bags for $ 500.00 and it would have been a nice break on the pocket book, it is morally wrong IMO. I'm sure many loyal ysl collectors remained faithful to the brand. It's just sad
  4. Most likely they are fake vs stolen. Hence the same images(most likely found on some website)
  5. Yeah, I don't think they're authentic either. Perhaps the photos are real but I don't think you'll get the real thing. I noticed right away when I was searching eBay listings only in my local area and there were at least 10-15 listings like this so it was very obvious. When I expanded the search, I noticed listings in multiple states with the same photos and 0 feedback scores as well.

    I do think eBay should do something about it but I'm sure it's hard to tell who's a scammer vs who's new to eBay.
  6. Ebay said that they were looking into this issue. I'm sure it is a major understaking. I can't believe so many people would purchase these bags. The price and no feedback is a big clue!!!!! I have made purchases from ebay from time to time and am very cautious and have them authenticated when I received the item. I will continue to sell once in awhile, but no more purchasing from ebay for now. I was once driving past the local coach store and a car was parked in front of me and the store with the trunk open, three guys come out with arms full of bags and dumped them in the trunk and left. I called 911 and followered the car. They had no plate on the car, and they were going the speed limit. It was crazy. They went into a nice residential street and I lost them, but while talking with the police I saw cop cars in the area. I called the manager who is a friend and she said it happens all the time. It has opened up my eyes. There is always a band of thrives working out a scam. It's a shame to say the least.
  7. Wow that's crazy that it was so easy for them to just take a bunch of merchandise like that. I agree, it's a shame.
  8. It has been this way for some time (I check for Saint Laurent deals on Ebay several times a week). Multiple bag styles with sellers in different countries and states but all equivalent to around US$500 or very low starting prices, and often the same text is copied and pasted in different listings. Some photos might show authentic bags but what is received is completely fake.

    There will always be gullible people who don't think twice about getting a $2000 bag for $500, and the reality is that for that price, many buyers don't actually care if it might be a fake (as long as they still get to show off their "expensive" Saint Laurent). It ends up flooding the resale market with even more fakes as people genuinely believe that their purchase is authentic because it said so in the listing when they bought it. When I browse on Ebay I find that in general, half of the listings are scammers, a quarter are people who don't realise they have fakes and the other quarter are authentic.

    Ebay gets a fee from every sale, so don't be surprised if scam listings like these don't seem to be reducing even if you have reported them...
  9. This is rampant with the popular styles on eBay. Search for the Gucci Disco Soho bag and most of them are scam/fakes. It's so ridiculous! Yes, people are buying these fake bags! [emoji35]
  10. I watched a YouTube video wherein this girl bought Gucci loafers from a seller with the same specifications. The shoes were even marked used! When she got them they were, of course, fake. And the seller's location on eBay was in Florida but the item was shipped from China.
  11. Thank you for sharing and reporting these crooks! :tup:
  12. I noticed the exact same thing with a few Chloe's two days ago. Random sellers, 0 feedback. Same photos for all items.
    Beware! Personally I would rather buy any quality bag from the store rather than save $$ and risk it being fake or stolen.
  13. If you ever receive a fake item on eBay, open a case with them, record in detail why you suspect it’s fake. Take pictures of the quality of the fake bag vs real and let Ebay investigate. The process takes about 2 weeks.
  14. Please excuse my little rant but I'm feeling particularly annoyed and I know TPF is a safe space to unload.

    I just saw a string of (and I mean 6 or 7) absolutely nauseating fake "tassel clutches" on Ebay. Look up the seller "forestalone". I'm not going to post links or photos here because they are so obviously fake that no one would even question the authenticity let alone bother to get them authenticated. And of course, they all have bids on them.

    Here's what bothers me. If people want to buy and sell fakes, that generally shouldn't affect me. However, being based in Australia, there are no really big, popular consignment platforms that I can use to sell my items. I'm talking about sites like Vestiaire Collective, Fashionphile or The Real Real. Note that I'm not commenting on authenticity, trustworthiness or quality control with these sites, simply that they are large and well known enough to have a significant market of buyers who are comfortable shopping on them.

    Neither of these sites accept consignments from Australia, so if I want to include my items in an international pre-loved market (to get the biggest audience and likelihood of sales), I only have Ebay. The fakes have always been there, hence this thread. But let's be honest - there are somewhat convincing fakes and then there are these absolute bottom-tier $20 pieces of junk and when Ebay just lets them sit openly on the site like this, it really drags the whole site down along with every legitimate, authentic piece listed. It was bad before but now I don't think I can even bring myself to put my items up next to this trash, knowing that Ebay has become a site where people know they can go to openly purchase fakes (including really, really bad ones).

    Am I getting upset for nothing? I can't help but think that it will now be so much harder for me to sell my authentic items on Ebay because it is getting more and more swamped with fakes and scammers don't even have to be discrete with the quality of items that they are trying to pass off as "authentic"...
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