YSL SATIN mombasa

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  1. So... I've always been an LV-girl but have loved the styles of the mombasa. Being bored, I was scrolling through Ebay, and made a silly bid for a SATIN mombasa that was listed for 399 - i offered 200 and the seller accepted immediately.... Which is a LOW price... and that always makes me wonder. I should have done my homework first, but My VISA-finger got the better of me. And now Im wondering if it can be authentic. IS there even a satin mombasa made? I've never seen one before...

    Does anyone know?

    Humble thanks in advance... Yeah, I know, I never learn... sigh..
    Heres the link:

    the item no on ebay is 400090317188

  2. reading my reply to your reply, i sound a bit ...rude? That was NOT my intention, Im just a bit dissappointed in myself for jumping the gun :sad:

    Thanks for taking the time to advise!:hugs:
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    That is from Tom Ford era, it is fall winter 2002 as far as i remember, my all fovrite collection of tom at YSL, you can check the images of this collection at style.com or firstview.com , that gorgeous silver hardware horn only came out once for this collection.

    I bought the same one for my mother but in indigo velvet from Paris that year...
    & my wife had bought the velvet cuff later from the same collection ..

    good luck
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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