Ysl sample sale

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  1. #1 Jun 27, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2013
    Hi all, got back from the press/vip preview of the YSL sample sale. Prices are higher than the last sale and the selection note as good.

    Jewelry/small leather goods
    There were three rings and. One I of them were arty or arty dots. Leather bracelets were over $100 and not worth it. Sunglasses are abut 100. The leather ymail pouches, iPad covers, and other slgs were 170 and up, instead of 50 at the last sale.

    Tribs, tribtoos and most shoes were 399. Knee high boots were also 399. Got a pair with the lovely y at the top in brown. Lots of tribes, etc.

    Lots of muse 2, roady, patent downtown and muse bags. Prices ranges from 599 for small muse 2 with a strap, 699 for a large Muse, cabas chyc small for 699, large muse for 899. There were more purses this time than the last sale, but not as interesting selection. There were lovely shoulder bags that I don't remember the name, but there were only about one of each.

    Lots of gowns, but really shapeless and more designed like a muumuu. All from the last three years. Clohing prices vary for each item. I found a gorgeous coat, but it was the only one and at least a size too big. Had a great sixties vibe. If I can go back with dealing with the line, might go back and get just that and take it to the tailor. Wasn't super impressed with the clothing selection.

    Overall, the sale was just OK, but not spectacular. Out of all the ysl sales I've been to, this may have been the worst. Oh, they are putting purchases in the fancy Yves saint Laurent bags since they are trying to get rid of them.

    Will post photos tomorrow.

    Did any be else go?
  2. i thought of going but 2+ hour wait in this heat/possible rain & rumors the prices are even higher today stopped me.
  3. I've been to a few and can agree this was the worse - prices on some things doubled since the Oct sale.

    At only 50% off - I can find a better deal other places and don't have to wait or deal with left over stock with nicks and slight damages.

    RTW was already given an extra 25% off sale prices - because so many ppl were leaving without buying anything.
  4. Are the Silver and Gold Trib's still 549.00??!!
  5. I went yesterday. No line. No wait. Prices are half. Like the employee discount.

    I bought these items




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  6. As of late yesterday yes - the only discount was on RTW and 15% on damaged bags, if you pointed it out as asked for it.

    Very cute y-mail satchel - I got the larger tote version at the last sale and the clutch version for - Love them - I get complements all the time!

    I'm sure you will too!
  7. I went yesterday and yes, I agree it was very disappointing. I had hoped to see more of the old Hedi Slimane designs but there were very few. The only thing that tempted me at all was a black Muse but at $800, I thought it was priced too high. There were a lot of Muse Twos, but I never cared for that bag. There wasn't a single Cabas or clutch of any kind and yes, the Tributes were still $549 (I think I got a better price from Erica). I left without anything and think a lot of other people did too.

    My Cabas is still my favorite bag, but I've pretty much moved on from YSL as a brand.
  8. Does anyone know if additional discounts were taken yesterday? Like more then the 25% that was first rumored? I may stop by today....
  9. I want to know the same!!!
  10. Sorry for not seeing this sooner ladies but you didn't miss anything - wanted to let you know that.

    Total discount yesterday was still 25% off some things like Tribute/Tribtoo and the rest had a 30% discount - which still made things way over priced.

    Not all bags were given the 30% discount - only a few styles
  11. Yeh, I ended up going the last day and it was so disappointing I got one pair of shoes, red leather palais peep toe pumps they were 30% off the $299 price do with tax they came out around $220, it was a good deal to add to my collection it's almost 75% off retail. Had they taken a bigger discount of tribs I would have bought more there was good stuff it just didn't feel worth it. I was really looking for the fuschia suede tribute sandals but I'm a size 42 and there were none in site :sad: oh well I'm happy with my pop of red!
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