YSL Sample Sale! (Trip Report)

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  1. [​IMG]

    Hope you have that bag!!!
  2. This is such a pretty bag. I hope ysl has sample sale in LA
  3. OMG I knew I should of got some of the bags. I saw the same bags you girls bought... didn't buy them, but seeing you girl bought it made me so jealous. I was there for wallet, but they were sold out when I got in. I did got a pair of flats to make myself feel better aster 3 hours of wait..


  4. Wish I lived in NYC......
  5. Looks like luggage sized, they have the huge type which is more horizontal than the regular downtown
  6. Thanks!
    Do you think I can use it as an every day bag? I love big bags. Is it going to look weird if I will carry big bag?
  7. or should I sell it?
  8. I have seen it...its HUUUUUGE....i dont think its going to be weird as long as you like big bags...pretty light weight as per all Downton bags
  9. Post some modelling pics and we can judge better :graucho:
  10. I wish i lived in nyc to get to go to this sale it looks like u ladies scored some good deals ! :biggrin:
  11. If you look like this then its ok

  12. I'm so drooling over all your finds! :drool:
    Those azur tributes. Wow!
  13. #103 Nov 2, 2012
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2012
    This Downtown looks really good on you.
    Is this large? or luggage?
  14. Does anyone know if YSL has sample sale in London? I'm drooling over your fabulous finds!
  15. Does anyone know how do I contact ysl supplier ? So my mom bought too many on the sample sale n decide to sell a few . N paypal restricted my account cuz they think the bag is selling for too low . And even told me that they contacted the manufacture n said it can't be lower den $ 1000. Even I showed them the receipt the said the description does the match . If u guys purchase from the ysl sample sale on nov u noe they actually put Easy M as the item description for all bags . :sad: plz help !
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