YSL Sample Sale! (Trip Report)

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  1. Don't know, but I always check out ebay when I want to know the name of something.
  2. Here's what I got from the sale (way back on Monday -- I'm back on the west coast now):

    Red patent palais slingbacks ($200), black and gold y-strap tributes ($200 -- my husband convinced the sales people that they weren't "real" tributes), azur paille patent tribtoos ($350):


    Silver y-mail clutch ($200) and green/silver arty dot ring ($50):

    Green silk blazer ($300, down from $3125!):
  3. any update for today?
  4. You must be kidding me:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
    You got a real bargain:smile:
  5. I went during the last 20 minutes and got the bag that i had hoped to get since monday morning -- a muse 2. My coworker went this morning and got two smaller muse 2 in gorgeous colors. I am super stoked with my four bags and other neat items.
  6. Congrats ladies I wish I was there! Love them all I really would have loved a muse and that leopard easy bag. I'm going to see what eBay has.
  7. Congrats creighbaby. What color Muse 2 did you and your friends get? Were they $700 or $800?

    Of course, the one time that I'm out of town, the YSL people decide to restock on the bags. I've went to the last 4 sales and I don't ever remember them restock on bags at all. It really makes me wonder whether this is the end of the YSL sample sales as rumored.
  8. I got a black large muse 2 for 600, my friend's bags are smaller and were 500.

    The sale is such a crap shoot because if you go early you are not guaranteed the best selection.
  9. It is a total crap shoot. I went the second day and the third day around 3p. and they had entirely different bags. I didn't see the Muse 2 a few hours before you went, so they must have just put it out. The last day last year they didn't have any bags left. I got a medium patent downtown, something I've been looking for the last few sales. The first day they only had extra large and small. Yesterday they had large, small and two mediums. I also saw a bronze downtown that was snatched up. Most easy bags were gone though.
  10. my loot from day 2 of the sale :smile:

    Attached Files:

  11. Nice! I want to do a reveal but i am in denial about how much i spent.

    I was bummed they didn't lower prices more as they usually do on the last day.
  12. Oh come on....please?
  13. Let's see creighbaby! I'm in denial too but probably gonna sell one of the bags... don't really need 3 black bags :smile:
  14. aw... U wouldn't feel dat bad , if u see wat my mom got for both me and her lol. We got 8 bags n a pair of shoes 
  15. I want bags for men!!!
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