YSL Sample Sale! (Trip Report)

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  1. image-2355434353.jpg

    Better pics or is it not lol
  2. I am following the thread like I am with you girls although thousands of miles away....noticed as of this morning exactly those bags you have described are popping on ebay as crazy :shrugs:
  3. i saw some shoes from the sale on ebay already...makes me so sad
  4. there were none of these left as of last night. only gold y mail wallets
  5. I bought a jumbo size Downtown and studded Easy
  6. Thanks boooo I don't need a wallet sigh
  7. I cannot post an image for some reason
  8. I cannot post an image for some reason
  9. I cannot post an image for some reason
  10. I am not sure about the size but it's huge

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  11. #71 Oct 25, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2012
    There is a site called Bella-rue.com that are always having a YSL sale. I didn't get my YSL from there but I got my Miu Miu for like £650 and they have this strange voting system where you can decide which bag is discounted the most. All I know is a got a hot pink bow tote for nearly half price. *shimmy and dance*

    I'll post images for you all to have a look.

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  12. So true and very sad.
    That is human being for you:smile:
  13. Just let the people want them have them!:crybaby:
    Im in london, where sample sales never happen, would have died to be there!
  14. Ladies, can you please identify the size of my Downtown, it's definitely bigger than a Large. Thanks!
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