YSL Sample Sale! (Trip Report)

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  1. Let's see...I saw a couple of red tributes, some gold and pink tribtoos. Really not much in the way of tributes/tribtoos, but, like i said, they will be restocking shoes for sure. I picked up a pair of aqua tribtoos and a pair of black and gold tributes. They do have a ton of palais bow pumps, in navy, nude, black, and red, and those are only $200.

    I didn't see any. They said that their handbag restock is of items that are already on the floor, so it's unlikely they'll have these later.
  2. @ the sample sale & I know I got here late but this line is like 4 blocks long all the way wrapped around the blocks! Craziness!!!!!
    Ppl have been here since 2am!!!
  3. 2am!!!!!!
  4. Any of this design for coin purse or credit card holder? If anyone is there and see it could some one help me get!

  5. I did see a few of those credit card holders this morning! I got in with the first batch, but started waiting just around 4:45AM.
  6. Also - no Chyc or BdJ clutches. Wallets are also depleted.
  7. Is anyone who went today able to update us on the status of restocking? Trying to figure out if I should drop by again this afternoon.
  8. :cry: Waah!! I want a wallet but the only girlfriend I trust in NYC is in meetings!!!! Plus, I couldn't in good faith ask her to stand in line.

    All I want is a single wallet!

    Congrats to those of you who could make it and scored lovely stuff though.
  9. is it worth it to go tonight or wait until tomorrow night?
    what kinds of shoes were left in which sizes?
    i wish i could be there right now :shucks:
  10. Blah. As of 4pm today the line is still clear to 9th ave. Let's hope for a Wed refresh!
  11. I was there today & was told that they restocked overnight from Monday to Tuesday with a "truckload" of stuff :smile:
  12. Any one going Tom? Could help me pls pm me
  13. I tried to get into this today, no luck. I'm thinking of going very early tomorrow morning. Are any other TPFers going tomorrow morning? we could meet and support eachother in the hours of waiting, haha. :smile:
  14. Ok got a few pairs of shoes & a bag ..& also a ysl duffle bag which I will use for traveling. Also got two rings.. It was good but maybe id rethink the 6hrs I waited in line!!!!!
    Also anyone thinking about going tomorrow.. Go! They restock apparently every hr or So..Which means if they have anything extra in the back they bring it out..

    Go early in the am if your going.. Like around 4-5am ppl apparently even showed up As early as 2-3am!! There is a 3 bag limit.. I didn't really find any wallets or clutches.. Shoes were an awesome deal! Also the jewels.. :smile:

    Good luck! Dress warm and wear sneakers lol.. Bring food/water & reading material.. I made friends so that helped pass the time..

    Also don't cut in line all the ppl that tried to do that got thrown out and weren't let in.. Drama!
    Overall for me was pretty worth it.. :smile:
    Good luck everyone thinking of going!

    Also beware of hoarders! and tell on them to the staff. They hold tons of shoes and bags and wait for hourssss!! Hogging all the goodies. So if U want whatever they are hoarding tell the ppl working the sale! :heart: & good luck guys
  15. I asked my mom to go today n
    She got me a pair of shoes n two roadys, but I'm thinking of letting go one roady . I might go tomr too :smile:


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