YSL Sample Sale! (Trip Report)

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  1. YSL's sample sale is going on in NYC this week. I managed to pop into the VIP preview, and it was pretty similar to the last sale -- Tributes and Tribtoos are $350, they had a ton of large black patent Downtown bags for $700, a few medium white Downtowns for $600, perforated leather ChYc bags for $800, clutches -- incl. silver and rose gold Y-Mail clutches -- for $200, and a white leather Y-bow bag for $300. Jewelry selection was pretty good -- rings and leather bracelets were $50, statement necklaces and bracelets were $200,

    They are restocking ladies' shoes tomorrow in the afternoon, but they couldn't tell me if there will be more Tribs available. They said another shipment of bags is stuck in customs, and they're not sure if they'll get it in time or if they'll restock bags.

    Sale is at Soiffer Haskin, 317 W 33rd St (33rd & 8th).
  2. Thanks for the update! Did you see any size 8 tributes left?
  3. hi liljake! does the $50 price for the rings include arty oval rings??? or are they only arty dots and other styles??? thanks!
  4. what color were the perforated chyc bags?
  5. All rings were $50 -- they had Arty Dot rings in multiple sizes (4, 5, 6, 7, 8) and Arty Enamel Ovale and Dot rings in size 4. I didn't see any of the regular Arty Ovale rings left.

    The perforated ChYc bags were metallic bronze. There were still a bunch when I left the sale (near the end), so they should be there tomorrow morning. Bag limit is 3 per person.
  6. Do you think they do shipping? I really want another ring.
  7. I didn't see any size 8 classic Tributes left, but there were some of the non-traditional Tribute styles. Maybe a couple per size. However they did say they have a fairly large shipment of shoes that they are sorting through right now, and they will restock tomorrow afternoon (and maybe Wednesday morning). Nobody on the floor could tell me whether the shipment has Tribs, but I'm sure there are at least a couple in there :smile:

    Size 37 seemed to be the most well-stocked.
  8. Unfortunately, I don't think they're shipping. But you could try calling Soiffer Haskin to try your luck? (718) 747-1656
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    I was in the first group of 15 people at the VIP sale this morning.

    Gotta give a hat tip to the folks at SH. They let everyone inside at 8 and started checking names off the list at 8:15. If you were on the list, you made it to bag check. It was very orderly and calm.

    Once inside I made a beeline for the bags. The selection was good, but since staffers were admitted at 830, they had the best selection. I saw a couple of people with oversize pony-hair muse bags, but there were the exception to the rule. All the shoppers were very nice and considerate.

    What I saw:
    Lots of small muse 2 in beige, denim and a couple in mustard
    Loads of roadys and roady replacement straps for $100.
    Arty dot rings and other fancy rings for $50
    Lots of wallets for $100
    credit card holders were $50
    Leather gloves were $50
    lots of clothes for $50
    make-up bags for $50
    ipad cases for $100
    leather and patent leather wristlet square for $50
    patent leater downtown makeup bags for $50
    ysl sac bowly in red and aqua for $400 -- has the same pebbly leather as the alexander wang rocco. (I think this is going to be my go-to bag for the next few months.)

    Leopard was the pattern on the day. People were snatching up the leopard-print lined anoraks, leopard tops and dresses. There were adorable pony-hair leopard print clutches for $200. i had one but put it back. they came in three colors.

    What I didn't see:
    The only tribs and tribtoos were in the small sizes. I went through 39-42s and didn't see any.

    Belts were plentiful and all were $50 each.

    A cuff that I bought for $50 at the last sale was being sold for $200 at this sale.
  10. By the end of the day the Muse 2s, wallets, and iPad cases were gone. Still tons of Roadys and Roady replacement straps, though! I did see some Tribtoos in 39/39.5/40, so maybe they restocked those.
  11. Did you guys see any Chyc cabas left at end of day. Thinking about going at 4am tonight
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    Good luck That is really early. Though, if you went I doubt you'd be out there by yourself for too long. I heard people were showing up at 5am at the last sale.
  13. What color tributes and tribtoos did they have ???

    We're they the red and green tribute sandals from last sale??
  14. any chyc or bdj clutches?
  15. i didnt see any chyc clutches but ther emay have been bdj cluthes around.

    the say they will restock daily, but who knows what the stock is.
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