YSL Sample Sale! 75% Off

  1. Looks like all the good stuff went on preview day: http://ny.racked.com/archives/2010/10/28/rather_than_make_you_wait.php#inside-ysl-3

    Same bags as last year and is it me or is it the same kind of hoarding as last year too?
  2. This made me feel better about sleeping in.... those are the same bags. In fact, those damaged white patent tribute bags where at the sale TWO years ago. Seems like preview day or nothing!

    Last year I ended up with three damaged bags I didn't love and a sinus infection after standing in the cold\rain at 5A. Not worth it! I still shutter at the thought of our foreign friends pushing, shoving and grabbing. Remember that aggressive woman who bullied everyone into giving up their bags?

    This sale is never organized or well-stocked. Honestly, after Fendi (which was 70-80% off with a fabulous selection), it's not worth the headache.
  3. What's with this sale? Seriously? You and I both hit a lot of sample sales.... and I almost never experience anything like this elsewhere. The stuff isn't even that cheap (considering it's likely damaged.....) You can do better at Saks! Dept. stores were giving away that white bag that's sitting there for $800 last year.

    8:36am: I see a guy toting three Muses around. Where are they?

    8:38am: A girl toting a large lilac Muse says hers is $650. I didn't even see the bags on the tables. Must have been snatched up by the first group in. People are seriously hoarding.
  4. Did anyone see the straw downtown bags with leather trim? They had a pile of them last sale and I regretted not picking one up for $200 or whatever they were.
  5. Keep following the thread on Racked. Definitely hoarding going on and once again, people sneaking in from Bonpoint.

    There are other, better sales coming up anyway.

    Speaking of, where the heck is Prada this year?
  6. No doubt those will be marked down to $200 again on the last day if they have them.
  7. The straw downtowns were $400 or $450 yesterday. Not a bargain if you consider they were $200 at the end of the sale.

    I don't know why peoe go so crazy over this sale compared to others. Though I think today sounds much more civilized than last year based in the racked liveblog.

    P.s. What is so great about Bonpoint? I don't know the brand, but there was a woman with a lawn chair waiting for the sale to start.
  8. Just curious, was there a 2 handbag limit this year? Per Racked, people were walking up to the register with 5.
  9. Holy smokes Creighbaby - that choker is wicked.

    I thought about going yesterday, but with that rain... I just couldn't muster the energy!
  10. ^^ ITA!
    The selections this year didn't look too bad...maybe it's worth taking a day off tmr to check it out?
  11. If I hear the straw downtowns are down to $200, I'd go check it out, but by then it will prob. be too late!
  12. I'm trying to decide if I want to go tomorrow morning...for those who went today is it worth it? Is the second day as scary as the first?
  13. I just left the Bonpoint sale and the line for YSL wasn't so bad, less than half a block.
  14. I was wondering the same thing! Also no sign of Chloe yet.... they skipped last year, so who knows. I can't deal with YSL.... A friend went to the sale and text that she got scratched!
  15. YES!!! I went three days last year, and each was as bad as the first. Something with this sale.... lots of very aggressive foreign men grabbing. Women too. It's like they've never seen a purse before. Prices are ok, but not fabulous for merchandise that is old and damaged. Seriously, you can do better if you want for Saks, Bergdorfs, etc.