YSL sales???

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  1. It seems as if the big department stores are gearing up for their designer shoe sales. Does anyone know when the YSL stores will have their spring/summer
  2. Sales have either begun or are on the way for the holiday weekend. Check the deals & sales section of this subforum.
  3. Great deals at YSL Outlet in Bicester Village near London all through the year)
    Always worth visiting!
  4. On Saturday, I got a YSL Roady for 40% off at the YSL boutique on Rodeo Drive. The sale wasn't publicized yet but I was able to walk out with the bag.
  5. Hello stevenash,

    I went to Topenga Mall to check out Neiman and Nirdstrom's sales, I should have gone to Rodeo, too. Do u see any Downtown or Muse on sale?

    Thank u.
  6. There was definitely a green Muse, several Roadys and at least one Easy. Can't remember what other bags there were, but quite a few shoes and scarves. Good luck!
  7. does ysl have sales online?
  8. ive seen some ysl on sale at other department stores but not their own
  9. Bergdorf Goodman online has some YSL for sale but not very interesting (old models).
  10. Yup, they had a sale in January, I believe, on their website.

    $$$ Sales and Deals on YSL items! $$$ forum, folks. All the good info is in there :graucho:

    Happy shopping!
  11. YSL is having a sale on their website right now
  12. I wish the online site shipped internationally. :sad:
  13. I know! But I would recommend Net-A-Porter who has great sales (often more than the YSL usual 30%) and delivers internationally! Of course the YSL selection is limited but they've got great service and discounts! ;)
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