YSL Sale

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  1. I just got my card today about the YSL sale. I called my SA and they are doing a pre-sale right now. The card says up to 40% off, but some of the things my SA was talking about were 45%:nuts: I'm heading down there when I get out of class, this seems like a rockin deal! I:love: YSL.
  2. Wow that sounds awesome! I really like som of the bags and shoes from YSL. I bought my medium dark brown Mombasa this summer and use it alla the time. Please let us now if you found something interesting:P
  3. They had some mombasa bags on sale :biggrin: I didn't get anything though, a lot of great stuff but nothing I was crazy about. Contemplating this shirt, but have to think about it, it didnt look THAT good on me :sad:
  4. They had Mombasas on sale:suspiciou Which one?..not the classic model I hope:love:
  5. ^^^the sale is still going on, at least I think it is :biggrin: Go and check the boutique near you out!
  6. wait, realized you are in europe, not sure if they run on the same sale sched.
  7. No they usually don't:sad2: I wish i was in Hawaii right now as it's snowing here where I live. Too cold for me!But we are moving abroad in Janaury:nuts: