YSL Sale question!

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  1. Just so you know, the medium sized downtowns on sale will not go down any further. However, the large sized ones will get marked down again very soon! :yahoo:
  2. BTW - This only applies to the YSL boutiques. Not too sure about Neimans or Saks.
  3. Does anyone know if there are Oversized Violet Muse's left anywhere? What about black or dark brown?....do classic colors like black ever get marked-down?
  4. The classic muse colors such as the black, chocolate, and the ivory will never go on sale. :crybaby:
  5. try the ysl boutique in south coast plaza. they brought one out for me from the back, but i wanted the display one so it's possible they may have something left. good luck!
  6. Just back from vegas. The YSL boutique in Bellagio has 1 O/S purple muse on sale! Gorgeous!

    I bought 3 bags on sale and 1 new color.

  7. I saw a purple O/S muse on sale at the Houston, Texas YSL boutique store for 50% off. That was yesterday. Hope it's still there. Also, saw a brown calf skin large downtown (with pocket) on sale for $899 (originally $1895). Hope this will make someone very happy!
  8. Does anybody know if there are still downtowns (medium with pockets) that are on sale in NY (YSL, NM or Nordstrom). A friend of mine is there and I'm thinkin having him get one for me.
  9. ^ I haven't called any NYC boutiques but did speak to someone at the Chicago store - as of Wednesday, they had medium buffalo DTs (with pockets) for $799.
  10. 50% was close to what they are on some bags. I don't see them going lower since their stock is almost out.
  11. The O/S Muse is still at ~$979 and not getting the 50% mark-down. I wish it got reduced to 50% though! Called 3 boutiques again today to double-check and got confirmation that O/S Muse (including the purple/violet) is still $979.....sale ends in about 2 weeks and the boutiques say the final cut has already been made. The Downtown & other non-Muse sale bags are at 50% off now.
  12. Anyone saw a meduim downTown in BLACK , or Ostrich ????
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