YSL Sale question!

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  1. Does anyone know how low the discounts go at YSL?

    right now the sale is about 30% off on the downtowns and I have my eye on a medium purple one! Do I jump or wait until they get further reduced?
  2. Hi Mona,

    The purple medium dowtown sounds gorgeous! The lowest I have seen a medium downtown is for $895 several months ago, so perhaps it is a good deal.

    Also, check BlueFly periodically to check out the prices, sometimes they pop up.

    Do let us know if you get your downtown! :smile:
  3. The lowest prices I have seen at the outlets, for the not so popular styles, $699 on a $1495 item. For the muses and downtowns, at 30% off. So, I presumed 30% is lowest it will go for downtown, since it is such a popular bag now. BTW, purple downtown is gorgeous!
  4. Ok Thanks a millions for the info....I have the purple medium on hold at 30% off!
  5. I've been looking for a black medium downtown, has anyone seen it? Thank you.
  6. Its definitley not part of the sale!
  7. The boutiques will have a second cut later on....better deals, but your dream may be gone already! Ah, isn't that always the "sale" issue? sigh...
  8. I was told by the SAs in Rodeo Drive & in Southcoast that there will be NO second cut with the sale...:sad: now im confused
  9. Late to reply, but IMO, you should snag the downtown in purple now if you really want it. If you wait until 2nd cut, chances are someone else is, too, and that diminishes your chances of being the lucky one to snag it.
  10. Did anyone get anything from the sale? please post ur pics! :tup:

    Im still thinking if I should get the large caramel muse...does anybody have it?
  11. I decided to pass on the downtown for now....will wait to see if there's a 2nd cut sale.
  12. I love my caramel muse in large size. Goes with any color, very versatile. Looks great with chocolate brown, black, gray, et al. Get it!!!!
  13. i bought the oversized violet muse from the south coast plaza boutique and i absolutely adore it! it's my first ysl bag and actually my first visit to the boutique and i had no idea ysl did such beautiful colors. i'm definitely going to add more ysl to my bag wardrobe in the future.
  14. hi missnox! took your advice! my DH just got me the large muse in caramel!!!! i love it to bits!:yahoo:
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