YSL sale on now

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  1. Just got email from YSL.com the sale just started, here is the link, I've already seen department stores have these things go on sale, but they have more selection and sizes on the website.

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    Thank you somuch. That is good to know:smile:
    But the sales is only on US site. Not fair at all :sad:
  3. I know, I'm in Canada and we never get any good sales here...
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    I found a wallet I really want to buy, and I'm out in Canada.. anyone have a boutique SA I can call to order from?

    NVM - just ordered from one of the stores that have the product available! :smile:
  5. Thank you for this!
  6. I called the store and they aren't having a second markdown. Anyone know if the website does second markdowns?
  7. YSL used to do two markdowns, but as of last year, they shifted to one, but with bigger discounts the first and only time.
  8. Anyone know when Ysl 2016 sale is
  9. My SA said its the end of this month
  10. Ladies, does someone know if Sac de Jour will go on sales?(I'm in Europe)
    I have possibility to buy it now with 20% discount, so maybe I should go for it and don't wait sales?

  11. Ok thank u
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