YSL sale bags at the Nordstrom MOA

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  1. There are only a couple sale bags left in YSL but you can call and put your name on a list because some may show up after June 6th. There are still a couple Muse bags left in Bronzo. A few Rive Gauche bags, reversible tote, and the Y bag. Thank you Diamond girl for the great praise.

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  2. are you an SA?
    Please be truthful:yes:
  3. It must be Toni. She's joined us!
  4. Sounds like Toni ---is that you? It's me, Maria....got my violet Muse today and it is GORGEOUS...
    Ladies I think this is Toni in Designer Handbags at Mall of America Nordies and she is FANTASTIC! Call her at 952-883-2121 for help with YSL !!
  5. she's hasn't admitted to working for Nords. . . but it's pretty evident she does.
    We're fine w/ it, but we expect SA's to be completely upfront about it.
    Also, no contact info is to be posted/exchanged, inventory is permitted to be posted, but that's all.
    This is the same rule we have for all our SA's.
  6. Swanky:
    Do you mean that members can't post contact info or SA's cant? Sorry if I broke a rule, didn't realize I couldn't post to let other members know as I see lots of posts with contact info...? Thanks..
  7. It's just like anything else here, people may not solicit.
    Which means an SA cannot post their own contact info, eBayers cannot post their ID or acutions, etc. . . .

    Buyers can recommend an SA or post where to find something, but if it starts looking like the buyer is advertising for an SA/friend, we'd have to step in.

  8. No but Toni has helped me out numerous times and I now consider her a dear friend and I know many of us want to be informed of what is going on because I personally have had not so great help in the past!!! I love her!
  9. I gotcha! I was just so happy to have found her when I called Nordies, she was so helpful, I thought others might appreciate the resource so I shared... thanks for clarifying... :P
  10. if you aren't an SA, why did Diamond Girl praise you?
  11. Because before she posted she was not, I mistakenly assumed she was. And ya know what happens when you assume! I'm sorry......didn't mean to create any problems
  12. I think 99% of people assume she's an SA. . . most people don't have the kind of info about so many bags.
  13. I guess I'm confused, because she thanked you for the praise in the first message of this thread ... so to which praise is she referring? Something from a previous thread? Also, who but an SA would have the kind of access to photograph all that stock?

    It just seems silly because it appears that MOAShopper is an SA posing as a "shopper" - and there's no reason to do so since SA's are welcome to post here within the parameters Swankymama outlined above.
  14. she probably didn't know and hopefully we read this