YSL Saint Laurent Medium College Bag - Shorten the chain strap?

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  1. Hi All,
    I have just bought my first YSL bag - Saint Laurent Medium College Bag.
    It is really gorgeous and I am really delighted.
    I bought the bag on YSL website, without seeing it in real life. Very risky I know :smile:
    I do find that the strap is longer than I have expected, I'd prefer it to be slightly shorter (say by 2 inches).
    I have questions running in my mind 'Should i shorten the strap? Does YSL provide this sort of service?'
    Anyone had any experience in shortening bag straps? Any advice?
    Thank you all.
  2. Hi Caren G
    May i ask, if you did it? Shorten the chain. And how did it go?
    Thank you!
  3. I had mine shortened and it's so much better now. I just went to my local cobbler and he cut a couple of links off each side.
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  4. Thank you so much :smile:
    Weren't there any problems doing that? The chain is supposed to be relatively light. Is your chain still 'sturdy'?
  5. I wish to have mine shortened too! How did the cobbler do it? No chip off the hardware?
  6. It seems that the medium college gets a longer strap with every release.
    Personally i'm not a crossbodybag wearer and i loved the first (?) take on this bag!
    Who else? :smile:
  7. Not sure what tools he used but it fits perfectly now, no damage at all. I would ask your cobbler if he thinks he can do it without damage--make sure he's confident about cutting off the links cleanly.
  8. Can I know where you shorten at? Singapore?
  9. Can share where you went?
  10. Hi, I live in California but just take the bag to anyone who fixes shoes. They should have the tools necessary to cut the chain.
  11. Does anyone know if ysl provide longer straps I have the MONOGRAM CHAIN WALLET IN GRAIN DE POUDRE EMBOSSED LEATHER and find the chain too short. Do you know if we can buy longer chains or is there a way of making this one longer