Ysl sac de jour nano

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  1. Helf me!
    Iterm: Yves Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Cros Nano
    Comments: Please let me know if this authentic other comments go here. I didn’t find serial numbers in my handbag. Thank you very much!
    F2D1EFAC-E82D-4ADE-8F37-5336AF29EDB0.jpeg 2095FA41-48B1-4746-A1BD-4115E462CB57.jpeg E88D6EC6-F785-4778-8C80-C64690D21CA6.jpeg 72BBA1DF-B2B4-44E5-8E91-756A7A916DAC.jpeg 58A71DFC-CD32-4300-A45E-E8C377F47163.jpeg 2FC233C5-E20F-4EB3-8264-CE50611EBE24.jpeg CC87B47F-76CA-4618-810A-C3C7B7E56F87.jpeg 23E1C285-854A-4C9F-98F2-43C988069A41.jpeg 46C57A8E-C979-4FAB-BB84-90B7A6A7D4DC.jpeg 20F5F6D0-9377-44C1-8383-26B3360AE425.jpeg