YSL S/S 08 Lookbook

  1. My lookbook arrived today so I thought I would share it with the YSL lovers here. This is just the regular lookbook - the all accessories one hasn't arrived yet so we only get treated to four pages of accessories. Still there are so many beautiful bags this season. :shame:

    S/S 08 Accessories




  2. Thanks for scanning Luxx!
    Somehow the YSL bags are really gorgeous this season, I have already gotten two! :girlsigh:
  3. The color of this muse is absolutely breathtaking!

  4. Thanks for scanning. Now I really want this Y-Mail Raspail!
  5. thanks for sharing! I really need to check out these new bags in store.
  6. Thanks for posting!
  7. :love::love::love:[​IMG]

    this Muse color is what I'm waiting for in a Downtown.
    Do you think it will happen? :love::love::love:
  8. OMG !!
    I think I found my summer handbag....that lilac Muse is TDF !!

    Has anyone seen these out yet ??
    Thank you for sharing your info !!!!
  9. The picture looks lilac, but it is actually a blue/gray color. Very beautiful. Arriving in boutiques next week I have heard.
  10. Gorgeous pics, thanks so much for sharing! I was glad to finally get a look at the Majorelle in Black.
  11. thank you alot Luxx for sharing this , are there more pages or it is only 3?
  12. ^There are only these pages devoted to accessories. The rest of the book is devoted to the S/S collection itself so its all the runway shots of dresses / suits / etc.
  13. is the Muse a coated canvas? It doesn't look like leather or patent, does it?
  14. Hello Everyone,

    I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

    Just a tiny note...I added a bunch of pics from my YSL catalogs (recent and past), magazines, etc to the YSL Celeb Section - I didn't know where to post them and hope that was alright...to view, click here (it starts with my magazine postings, then the catalogs). best wishes!:flowers:
  15. I want that Muse.