YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick

  1. I usually buy lipgloss but decided I wanted a lipstick so it will have longer staying power. I had to have tried every lipstick under the sun from every major brand at department stores (Bergdorf, Henri Bendels, Saks, Neimans...etc). I was obsessed trying find my holy grail and was disappointed each time. Either it literally stayed on for 20 minutes, tasted bad, smelled bad, bled, felt like I had a bunch of gunk on my lips....the list is endless to why I was disappointed with all these brands.

    Then I came across YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick and I must say hands down it is the best lipstick I have ever tried. It is so amazing and creamy. When you swipe it on your lips it feels like butter and on your lips it feels weightless. The staying power was absolutely amazing. I will say if you eat it will come off (I wipe my lips a lot so that adds to why it comes off for me) but in between I literally do not have to reapply ever. Also I found that with so many lipsticks you put it on but after a while it oxidizes and changes colors on you. When I put this color on for the first time it stays true to form hours later.

    It is also very pigmented so all I do is swipe my bottom lip and blot and I am good to go. I wear a lipliner but you do not have to if you don't want to because it does not bleed.

    They have everything from bold colors to nudes. I wear #20 Spicy Pink and it is the perfect my lips but better color on me. The icing on the cake is the elegant packaging. Very classy and dramatic without being gaudy or tacky.

    It cost $34, but in my opinion it is worth every penny. I am so in love with this lipstick and have no desire to wear anything else!
  2. lolz. i find the packaging kind of over-the-top, but i'll live with it since the formula is so amazing. i just don't apply it in public so i don't get someone screaming about my YSL lipstick (whether it's positive or negative, i am just not the type that likes attention for "things").

    i am wearing peach passion today and it survived a snow cone.

    OP would you mind creating a high end lipstick thread (or maybe there is one) where you can give us the lowdown on the lipsticks you have tried and your experiences with them? TIA!
  3. Aww man and I thought the packaging was elegant and discreet :nuts: It got the point across that it was YSL without being too attention attracting. Its funny because I am the same way, I don't like things that call attention and I am usually turned off by gaudy advertising but I didn't feel that way with this packaging. But it also could be the fact that this lipstick can do no wrong by me! :p

    Guerlain- I would say after YSL lipstick these were next in line as the best. Especially the Rouge G formula. I really liked it. Very moisturizing and long lasting. I just did not find any colors that worked for me. They had one that I loved called Grace but it was limited edition. I really do not like how heavy the packaging was and I just felt it was so wasteful. If it was refillable I would feel a lot better about it. It is $45.
    The Kiss Kiss formula gets a lot of rave reviews but I found it to be a little too drying for my lips and I have naturally moisturized lips.

    La Prairie- The packaging was GORGEOUS, extremely understated yet solid and of quality. BUT for the price I was so disappointed how quickly it faded. Definitely not worth it for how quick it last. $55

    Sisley- This lipstick you need a lipliner because I found that it bled. I also found that the color oxidizes a lot. I bought a beautiful nude/mauvey pink color that after an hour turned to purple mud on my lips. Once again for that kind of money it better last ALL day long. I was extremely disappointed in the staying power. $55

    Bobbi Brown- The staying power was decent but I don't like it when it FEELS like I have lipstick on my lips. I had tried a couple of the metallics and I found that after it started to wear off all that was left was a bunch of glitter on my lips! $22

    Hmmm.....I have tried SO many more but these are the ones that are most prominent in my head because they had the type of colors I was searching for- neutral pinky MLBB. I will try to keep adding to the list as I can think of it.
  4. these are probably my favorite lipsticks. I have #1 and #19. I love the packaging! I think it's gorgeous!
  5. do agree the rouge volupte lipsticks are great.. and my favorite packaging

    though heavy is the Gueralin Rouge G.. do like the Chanel rouge Coco shades

    and serge lutens as well.. not a great range of colors.. but if you luck out

    the packaging is very sleek and the lipstick is also creamy...have fun on the

    "lip hunt"...
  6. I was just browsing these at Nordstrom today. I LOVE the packaging. Being so pigmented, are they like extremely opaque?
  7. ^^^
    no, the color is buildable.

    you dot it and blend for a subtle look/stain type of thing or apply it full-on for a very made up look. i love that about this lipstick!

    thank you for the mini review OP!
  8. YSL just makes sense. thanks for the review
  9. I agree! My favorite lipstick hands down. I love the smell too. yum! I have #2, #7 and #28! I want the peach that just came out too
  10. Yes, I forgot to mention the smell! The smell is delicious. Reason 1,232,234,233 why I love this lipstick!
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    I love this! I need to go out and buy #01 again. Just becareful with dry lips, because the pigment will definitely make flaky imperfections stand out.

    I bumped up my original Rave thread; I had posted a picture of modeling #01. HTH!
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    Wow it looks amazing on you Chipper! You totally need to buy it again because that color is perfect on you. Thanks for bumping it up. That is the look I was going for but my skintone is deeper than yours and my lips are very pigmented so that color is too light for me. But I achieve that same look with #20.

    Off topic but I love "Hermesmerized" LOL
  13. Chipper that color looks gorgeous on you! And not to be weird, but you have amazing lips! I wish mine were full like that! I love #1 on me, but it looks 10 times better on you!
  14. Seriously where have I been? I went out and bought 3 today, and they are PHENOMENAL! Kicking myself for not trying these earlier!
  15. ^nice! Which 3 did you buy?