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  1. I have this YSL arty dot ring in jade. I absolutely love it, except that this past summer one of the jade pieces came loose and I lost it out at a restaurant. It absolutely ruined my night - I looked EVERYWHERE! I haven't worn it since, it just looks weird without one of the spots, it really ruins it.

    I haven't had the courage to go into a YSL store and ask considering it's such a cheap ring (It was $150 when I bought it, $195 now) and I don't have the loose piece to simply glue on. I don't want to buy another and can't even find it available anywhere. What would you guys do? Just suck it up and ask? When I got this ring to begin with they were so so so obnoxious!

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  2. First of all, depending on how obnoxious the salespeople were being, I might have simply left without the ring, no matter how much I wanted it. Why would they ever be rude to a customer?

    Second, if a stone fell off their ring, they should either repair it, discount the exact same model for you, or give you a gift certificate/discount of some sort if they can't repair it and they don't have the model available anymore.

    Don't be embarassed at all. It's just retail, no matter how beautiful the name and font are.
  3. you could call and ask what their policy is for something like that.... if they can't do anything, i bet a jeweler or a beading place might be able to find something to fit the setting.
  4. :tup:
  5. I should have! This was a few years ago... I asked the boutique on 59th Street and they were sold out so I went to their Upper East Side one (no luck there either). Both stores were sort of incredulous like "We sold out weeks ago" - how would I know??

    I went back the next week and they had a few different sizes that I could try on (I think my fingers were a lot bigger than I thought - it's strange European sizes). I dealt with different people and I was much happier and maybe it was just SAs getting exasperated with the weekend crowd. Anyway, I'm moving back to NY in 2 months, I'll deal with all of this repair business when I get there!
  6. I also caved and bought this online with all this YSL ring talk from saks.com

    I love them!! And this way, don't have to deal with anyone :smile:

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  7. Oh, I thought they were being obnoxious because of the low pricing point. I was thinking, why would they act snotty if they're the ones selling the piece? I can kind of see an exapserated SA getting tired after being asked for the sold-out ring a thousand times haha!

    If it's been a few years there might be very little they can do. My best advice is to be sincere and polite. You said yourself they carry it now for $195, so they should be able to accomodate you with a repair or at least a discount.

    Best of luck!
  8. definitely go in and ask the SAs where you bought the ring! you could also email YSL to see if they could help you.

    and if that doesn't pan out, you could take the ring to a jeweler- i don't think it would be expensive at all to have them find a stone to replace the one missing in your ring.

  9. they had that ring in the same color? i thought it was sold out?