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  1. Hello! I got this one for the VIP sale. Cheers! IMG_4200.jpg
  2. IMG_4201.jpg
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  3. IMG_4210.jpg
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  4. Retail $1645 now VIP sale $1088 (Tax included)
  5. Nice! I picked up a few nice things this weekend from the sale as well. However, here the discount was the usual 30%....looks like your location had a higher discount (score!)

  6. Is this in-store only? Is there a link you can share?
  7. Hello highend, Thank you!What items did you get? Hawaii has a special price.
  8. .....just took a quick pic
    Nano and baby croc SDJs, medium Vicky and top handle Loulou (completing my trifecta!)

    The quality of the selection seemed a bit better this season. I was most surprised about the Vicky as I'd been wanting this color and hadn't seen it discounted elsewhere....also the grey top handle was only available through limited sources.

    Lots of other good things of course as everyone has different tastes.
  9. Hello! I think it is not online yet, but it will be online maybe in couple days. Best!
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  10. WOW.... love your purchases!!! Congratulations!!!
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