YSL resort bags, including the "Downtown"

  1. Saks.com has posted some of the YSL resort bags, including the "Downtown." I'm a YSL fan, but I'm not crazy about this bag. What does everybody else think?
    downtown1.jpg downtown2.jpg
  2. Look kind of average to me ...without an average price tag I would imagine
  3. Wonder how it hangs when you carry it? Is it slouchy?
  4. I'm not wild about either one.
  5. I LOVE this site. I saw a woman this morning carrying this bag and was totally WOWWED!!!! I asked her about the bag. She said it was "YSL" but didn't know the name of the bag because she got it at Bergdorf and Goodman.

    I went to the site. They only call it a "leather tote." Of course I come to this site and find out that it is officially called "Downtown" from the Resort collection.

    You guys rock!! She had the black leather. It was really nice IRL:

  6. I'm not a big fan of the shape but I guess i need to see it IRL.
  7. Personally I don't understand the shape!:confused1:
  8. I'm not loving the downtown. The shape looks like a tote bag that you have smushed under your arm.
  9. i love this bag sooo much... but not the "peace & love" version with the buckles and the ugly useless zipped pocket in the front (pictured above & at the resort show), i like the more sleek simple version in black deerskin.... i know it will be the perfect bag for me!! i am saving up right now and hopefully she will be mine in a few months time!!! wish me luck!! :yahoo:


  10. another thing that makes me love the downtown so much is that it doesn't have the silly satin lining like the muse, rive gauche and most other ysl bags... the downtown is unlined... raw leather on the inside (like mulberry bags)... :love: :love:

    here are a few shots from the resort 06-07 (really spring 07, paris fash week catwalk is technically "summer") presentation of some models with the downtown... the bottom seems to get really saggy, but i think it all depends on how thin/drapey the material is... the deerskin should hold up pretty well but i know it'll get soooft after a while... :love:


    [​IMG] yuck, i hate the way the bag looks here...does no justice to it at all...it looks like the sides that stick out have been folded inside...!

    the ostrich is so absolutely gorgeous (even with the zippers!).... i really wish i could afford it in this skin!! but it's over $5000... :cry:
  11. I've seen it in real life, and yet somehow the shape strikes me as odd to say the least....
  12. i'm very anxious to see it in person. i went to Saks on fri but they didn't have it yet :cry:
  13. I don't think that this will be on my list. I am 5'1, I think that it might be to long for me or I am to short for it! But if I were taller, I might would go there!:supacool:
  14. I was thinking that I would definately get it for Summer in white... until I saw it from the shows... I think I'd like it more if the bottom were sturdier... But, maybe that will make it cute for summer (a little more relaxed).
  15. I know some people are bashing this bag, but I think it looks really interesting. That ostrich is NICE.