YSL price increase

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  1. i talked to South Coast YSL SA yesterday because I am thinking to get another downtown. He told me there will be a price increase next week. Hope TPFs ladies can get YSL bags if you plan to get one soon. Thank you^^
  2. :tdown::tdown::tdown::crybaby:
  3. It's too bad they're raising $. Does anyone know how much? I know Bottega did this earlier this year too - it was either 10% or 15%.
  4. Thank god I bought my downtown and wallet at Neiman when they had their promotion.
  5. The last increase wasn't too bad. I think it was only $100 more... I mean, it isn't good news but I figure that $100 isn't too bad consider how much some of the other brands are increasing. Hopefully they stick with that range.
  6. so good that I just got my muse bag from bluefly
  7. ^^Good move! (which one did you get)
  8. Saks is having their F&F at the end of April... I think YSL is included in the 20% so it's probably better to buy at Saks than YSL boutiques then... :yes:
  9. Mike in Houston YSL just told me that each Muse is going up by $100-$150.