YSL Price Increase Effective April 9th - Nordstrom Stock + Pics & Prices Before/After

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  1. I just received this email from my lady at Nordstrom Seattle. Please contact her if you are interested in any YSL bags. Prices go up April 9th! :wtf:

    Have you been dreaming about owning a YSL Handbag but never made a commitment?? Now is the time BEFORE the price increase EFFECTIVE APRIL 9TH!

    Look at these beauties!! My stock is limited, so please call or email me if you have any questions.... Thanks!
    I look forward to hearing from you soon!~ (206)-628-1253


    Peggy Urban
    Designer Handbag Specialist
    Nordstrom Flagship Seattle
    500 Pine Street
    Seattle Washington 98101
    206-628-1253 (phone)
    206-628-1392 (fax)

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  2. more pics...

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  3. another set...

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  4. last set...

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  5. Thanks for the info!

    Wow--I can't believe they've got a Mombasa. And the price jump on the Tribute is HUGE!
  6. ^ I know, totally huge!!!
  7. seems backwards
    weak economy > raise prices ??
  8. ^no, i think it's weak USD compared to the Euro dollar so prices are increased according to the Euro price of the item.
  9. Wow...that sucks! The Tribute increase does seem awfully huge.
  10. :wtf:
  11. Thanks for sharing the info and pics!
    That blue tribute looks yummy !!
  12. i think a few of these bags will go on sale. last year the muse went on sale for $700 or so at nordstrom. it was purple leather. i'd wait it out and not jump the gun.
  13. i think that might be true for the seasonal colors, but for the more permanent colors (black, brown/tan, ivory) i am pretty sure they will not go on sale.

    i am surprised it has taken so long for YSL to raise their prices. Chanel and LV have already raised theirs (several times unfortunately) as the Euro gets stronger/USD gets weaker.
  14. meh... they aren't even selling that well. I recall seeing quite a few of these on sale at Nordies.
  15. seasonal colors are the best, imo.