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    Please post any photos you have and any description you can add to it in this sticky. This will be a wonderful resource for anyone looking for YSL items!:yes:


    Hi all, this is the old photo thread that we used for YSL before the creation of our Reference Library.

    Many of the pics have since been copied into their appropriate reference threads, but I'm preserving it here for posterity.
  2. Here are some of my Muse pics formerly posted elsewhere in this forum.
    This first pic is of the four Muse I have side by side for size comparison. Medium white, Large Burgundy, Large Black and XL Dark Brown.
    Muse Family pics3.jpg
  3. This pic is of the med sized med brown 'Yris' Muse style w/strap (I no longer have this one as I got rid of it once I got my XL Dark Brown regular Muse), the white in Medium and the Black in large.

    muse pics rs3.jpg
  4. This is of the XL Brown Muse and new Fall '06 Burgundy Large Muse.

    Dark Brown XL Muse.jpg

    Large Red Muse.jpg
  5. here's a photo of my anthracite muse in large.
    P70308.jpg P70319.jpg
  6. I don't have a muse yet. I have this from Tom Ford era. :angel: I love his design for that year so much. This one i think is the mombosa series. Mine is the small black velvet with the silver horn-shape handle. It was sold out so fast that i secure the last one in vegas :love: :upsidedown: I was thinking about selling it earlier, but cannot bring myself to do it :angel: . Love it too much :tender:
    DSC02099.jpg DSC02097.jpg DSC02098.jpg
  7. I'm posting this to show proportions. I'm 5'2", around 113-114 lbs, and this is the large Chocolate Muse. Imagine the OS? It would cover my whole torso!
    MuseHoldResized.jpg Muse2Resized.jpg
  8. I only have one YSL bag :smile:

    This is the YSL polka dot canvas tote with adjustable shouder straps. The straps are half canvas half leather and the tie is full leather. The YSL logo s made of a velour like material
    YSL Polkadot bag.jpg
  9. Just got around to photographing my muse today....:love:
  10. Here's my medium anthracite Muse. I'm 5'2" for reference. :smile:
    close-up piano.JPG museonbed.JPG museonme.JPG museonme2.JPG
  11. My Oversize Ivory Muse. :heart: I'm 5"2 and 95lbs.
    JustWhtMuseTPF.jpg JustWhtMuse2TPF.jpg White Muse_No FlashTFS.jpg
  12. Got my early bday present yesterday at Saks.:yahoo: As always, got a chance to pick up a present myself.:love: I wanted to get another LV:graucho: , but then DH said, another LV?:wtf:, so after browsing around, I decided to stick with an YSL Muse Red Buffalo Large Bag. I wanted to pick either the white or the black, but DH preferred the red. Glad to pick this one, finally. Red is supposed to be the latest color for fall, isn't it?

    So here are some pics of my new baby:heart: :love:
    YSLLargeMuseBagBurgundy 005.jpg YSLLargeMuseBagBurgundy 001.jpg YSLLargeMuseBagBurgundy 003.jpg
  13. well I just posted some pics prior to your posting;) , anyway, mine is the

    Muse Red Buffalo Large Bag, 13"H X 17"L X 4"W (kinda 5-ish'W tho')
    YSLLargeMuseBagBurgundy 004.jpg
  14. My ivory oversize muse.:cutesy:
    ysl muse 1650wtm.jpg
  15. My medium muse.
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