YSL patent quilted croc leather

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  1. I am contemplating buying the quilted croc Tribute. I looked at it today and I was surprised to find that the leather feels as if there is a just thin layer of patent foil on leather? It just doesn't feel like normal patent leather.... Does anybody have any views on this? I adore this bag, but I am a little concerned that it will loose its lustre easily.
  2. I haven't heard any complaints about the bag yet. I think it's already sold out at Bergdorf's.
  3. Thanks bgbrunette - I've just bought it and it is so sumptuous! I had only seen the quiliting on the Dorntown before and it suits the shape of the Tribute so much more, in my view.
  4. I agree. Enjoy!
  5. I too was unimpressed with the YSL patent- I ordered the croc-embossed (not quilted) Muse. I sent it back since it felt like plastic. Very thin.
  6. I only like the croc-embossed on the tribute tote. It just looks weird in the other styles. If you like this look you have to check out this website daniellenicolefashions.com She makes incredible bags!! Danielle was making the faux croc bags before YSL.
  7. have you guys seen the patent quilted croc downtown?

    it's absolutely beautiful! (but so not worth the price)

    i still don't understand why they call it "croc leather" when it's just quilted patent leather >.<
  8. I have heard the term 'mock croc', but you are right, it can be confused.