YSL patent croc muse

  1. I got my YSL muse two days ago. And i'm VERY HAPPY WITH IT :heart::love::girlsigh:. I was wondering is the patent croc one more expensive than the leather one?? i know the patent croc one is more expensive than the normal patent one though.

    here it is, if you didnt know how it looked like.


    but mine is in white

    and another thing, i realised when i flip the YSl tag in the bag, and there was this..... i dont know, scratch? is this normal?

    I've attached pictures, if you guys are interested.

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v605/peachiesncream/CIMG0511.jpg( the scratch thing, can you see it?)
  2. that's a really pretty bag! I've been dying to see the white patent - it's moer of an ivory?
  3. Beautiful. What size and how much?
  4. THANK YOU GIRLS! :love::heart:

    yes it's more of ivory than white actually. It was 2700-ish. my dad got it for me. :yahoo:
  5. opps that is about 1,500USD, i got it slighty cheaper. :balloon:
  6. Congratulations! Love your Muse. It looks really great in white.
  7. [​IMG]

    now we can all admire it!
  8. hahaha. thank you!

    i would appreciate it if someone could answer my questions though :smile:
  9. i think ur croc embossed muse is same price as the normal buffalo one...and the plain patent one is cheaper than these two....
  10. can someone tell me what's wrong with my YSL tag though? i've included a picture up there.
  11. looks like a fingernail scratch
  12. i didnt do it though. :sad: could it just be the leather??