1. Hey guys!!! I’m SO torn between these two card holders! I’m in love with both the Gucci MarmontCard Case in Nude because I think it will go very nice with my new Gucci Soho Disco. But I am also in love with the YSL Monogram card holder.

    Anyone own either of these, or better yet, both?? I’m worried because I heard the YSL one can be extremely stiff but I haven’t heard much about the Gucci.

  2. Wanted to post this here as well as the Gucci thread to see if I get different opinions!
  3. I have the Saint Laurent monogram in red and I love it.
  4. I prefer the ysl because it is more of a classic & will go with any bag you use. The ysl cardholders are very stiff at first but that’s typical with many cardholders & wallets.
  5. I was torn as well. The ysl one was too stiff for me. I couldn’t get too many cards in when I tried. I wanted a red Gucci one but when I saw it in person I wasn’t in love. I ended up getting a Tiffany card case. So far I’m happy with my chicken
  6. YSL for sure, it looks more classic imo
  7. I prefer the YSL chevron over the Gucci quilting. I think the Gucci looks more pretty whilst the YSL looks more sexy and edgy. But both gorgeous.
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  8. Don't get the Gucci one!! I had that exact one and it was dreadful. The brass colouring wore off within one month and the corners of the leather wore down in two months! I complained to gucci and it took them about 7 months for them to inspect it and refund me. Their customer service is dreadful. I actually replaced it with the ysl one and it has been great so far.
  9. my YSL gray one is fabulous, yes it's stiff but right now it's holding 6 of my main cards with ease. I'm sure I could add more, and it's easy to get into now. I purchased it for myself last June and have been using it nonstop for about 10 months. the YSL silver emblem is still on point - no flake. The corners have held up well and are not wrinkled at all. I am one happy camper!
  10. Go for the ysl! I have the marking bag in that same color and I love it but I’m not one to match my slgs to my bags so I’d definitely pick the ysl. Someone said it’s more edgy/sexy and that’s very true imo
  11. This is an old post, but for the purse posterity: I have both of the card holders. My YSL monogram one is black with gold hardware and my Gucci one is in Nude/Porcelain Rose (depending where you purchased it from, the color name is different).

    I think the quality is marginally better on the YSL, even though one of my card slots had peeling glazing when I bought it. The texture of the leather keeps it from getting scratches when you take it in and out of a bag that has zippers.I am very conscious of this with the Gucci. I also only used the Gucci when I was less likely to be handling grocery shopping etc. due to dirty hands and whatnot . I also saw two different lots of the same Gucci cardholder and sizing wasn't consistent. That may or may not be a deal breaker.

    If I were you, I'd go YSL and purchase it from a department store for superior customer service.
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