YSL O/S Muse or Balenciaga City?

  1. Hi there! I'm torn between these two bags. I mentioned in another post that I was having an O/S Muse in purple bought for me, but then I saw the Balenciaga City in the same deep purple shade, so now I'm confused. Can you guys give me your opinions please? :smile: I actually love big bags, but I'm afraid that the Muse might be too heavy for me, especially since I have a back problem. Is the Balenciaga City a lot lighter? Help!
  2. Yes, Balenciagas are very lightweight! I actually sold 3 marc jabocs, 1 chloe, and 2 ysl oz muses to get more balenciagas. All of the bags that I sold were sooo heavy. And the oz muse is really really big compared to the city. Maybe you could try the work size?
  3. The OS muse is definitely heavier than the city, but it will hold a lot more! The leather is also sturdier in my opinion. I am afraid to put too much heavy stuff in my bbags sometimes. As smooth and as soft as the leather is, I fear that it will tear it. With my YSLs, the leather is thicker, and my stuff inside doesn't make impressions on the outside of the bags.
    The muse is also much more of a structured shape, and it can be dressier (my opinion). Both can be worn on the arm or on the shoulder (the muse may be a little harder to wear on the shoulder, depending on your size or if you have a coat on).
    I would say that a large muse probably fits close to the same amount as a city. An OS Muse is probably closer to the bal work.
    But...they are both great bags! I'm sure you will love whatever bag you choose!
  4. ^^ i tried the OS YSL muse last year & had to sell it...i loved the shape & the style & how it looked when other girls carry it...but it was too heavy & structured for little 'ole me (i think it weighs about 4 pounds compared to about 1.5 for the city)...the city is a much more practical style, perfect for any occasion...and you can't beat the yummy, soft, light-weight leather!!! :wlae:
  5. I would recommend the Balenciaga. I've had a YSL before (although not the Muse) and I must say the B-bag is so much more versatile. AND the leather is just SO pretty and delicious...
  6. the muse is a lot bigger than a city, so don't know if you are looking for a comparable size or if it is the color you are going for. personally, i would go for the city.
  7. balenciaga gets my vote. My friend has a muse but wears her City and Work more often.
  8. thanks for the help :smile: i'll post pics of my bag when i get it!! so excited!