YSL O/S Muse or Balenciaga City?

  1. Hi there! I'm torn between these two bags. I mentioned in another post that I was having an O/S Muse in purple bought for me, but then I saw the Balenciaga City in the same deep purple shade, so now I'm confused. Can you guys give me your opinions please? :smile: I actually love big bags, but I'm afraid that the Muse might be too heavy for me, especially since I have a back problem. Is the Balenciaga City a lot lighter? Help!
  2. Balenciaga is a lot lighter, but it is so different, being a slouchy bag and the Muse being so structured.
    I'm not a good one to ask, I have both a Muse (large) and a city. They are great opposites to own -- days when you feel more ladylike, tailored vs days when you're more casual. I love them both. Mine are black.
    The Bal violet color is amazing!
  3. That is a difficult choice, because like alisonanna, I own both a city and a large muse. The muse is a great structured bag--I used it for work/business meetings. The city is a much lighter bag, and great for shopping, casual get-togethers, etc. I also take the city with me when I travel.

    Hope this helps! I think you can't go wrong with either choice.
  4. The Muse is definitely heavier than a BBag, but as the other members have said, they're quite different bags. Do you want something that's more structured or slouchier? It also depends on your wardrobe and what you'll be using the bag for. If you are planning to use it more for Office, then I'd say the Muse, but if you want a more casual rocker look, then go for Bbag. I own both, but I'm typically partial to YSL so I'm biased :smile: Good luck!
  5. I totally agree with the three pfers above. I have the Balenciaga city in chocolate, and the large Muse in camel (almost a golden brown). Both are great. I am probably partial to my Muse at the present. But as stated, they are so, so different. I would definitely get the large Muse as opposed to the OS. The OS is HUGE!!!. I have sent mine back twice and now own two large Muses.

  6. Missnox, I would love to see a picture of your Camel Muse! It sounds gorgeous! Has there been a thread on it? :smile:

  7. Agree with both alisonna and bubbleloba, i have them both too...they are very different bags...u can use ur o/s muse for work or as a weeken bag. and the city, its more casual and easily goes with any outfits.
  8. Go with the City. Considerably lighter.
  9. I have a number Balenciaga bags and love them for their lightness and casual style...however, I think the Muse is just that bit more sophisticated and I am getting to that age where I want something a bit more polished. That wont stop me buying BBags though. The only thing stopping me buy a Muse there are no retailers in my town and I NEED to try before I buy.
  10. hi,
    not sure if i should start a new thread, but i'm considering either the Downtown or the City... actually i kinda set my heart out for the Downtown, and plus where i am the Balenciaga store only has the City in very limited colours (the last time i checked they only had violet and green). but just wanted to find out what everyone out there thinks?
  11. i think this would be harder than choosing muse or city...i got both muse and city...and i am gonna get a downtown for christmas...
    i think both city and downtown are cool...but IMO, balenciage more casual and young, downtown is modern and trendy, both are easy to wear...
    very hard decision...wish u could be able to get both of them...good luck!!!

  12. I personally would go for the Downtown. The shoulder straps are stable and great (won't slip off) and it fits tons. You can easily dress it up or down depending on your mood.
  13. If I had to pick between the two, I personally prefer the City.
    For some reason, the muse never grew on me.
  14. The City!
  15. The City.. I do love the look of the Muse too.. but I prefer the Downtown & Rive Gauche. I have the violet (purple) Balenciaga Brief with GSH & I LOVE it!