YSL Niki Bag Grey HELP!

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  1. #1 Jul 9, 2018
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2018
    Ah HELP and honest comments please! just bought this bag and I looooved it at the store and wearing it out. Now, I can't decide if I should have gone with a more classic bag. I don't have a ton of lux designer bags, so I'm now debating on exchanging it. I wanted it in black, but it is sold out everywhere. Grey is actually beautiful and definitely works for all seasons. (Current bags I have: LV neverfull GM in damier ebene, Gucci marmont camera bag in dusty pink) Thoughts?
    fullsizeoutput_2ac9.jpeg I3RbEZ55SWGIa1MpxvZgEg.jpg fullsizeoutput_2ac7.jpeg fullsizeoutput_2ac6.jpeg
  2. I personally love the YSL Niki bag but I feel like it’s a bag for those who already have classic YSL bags in their collection and want something more understated. I would personally chose College bag or Lou Lou small or medium bag over the Niki first, I think they are more classic and iconic and will be stylish for a long time. They are more structured as well if you prefer that. Also if you wanted black Niki then I think you shouldn’t settle with the grey, these bags are not cheap and you should love it. Good luck deciding. :smile: