YSL newbie.

  1. Hi ladies, this is my first time posting in here. I've been a fan of the muse for quite some time, but never really thought about purchasing one. I was wondering if there are any sales or certain times during the year at the boutique where they mark them down? I was interested in the white or black medium muse. Or am I just too late? Thanks.
  2. I got mine on sale at the Hawaii boutique in late June/early July. You can also look on Bluefly, though I think the colors are limited.
  3. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you get it on sale for? I believe the regular price is 1095? 1195? Or something in that range for the medium.
  4. They have both white and black muse on bluefly right now. Although the ones i've seen are either large or OS. I think it is selling for $1100 something. My bought my Large for full price of $1295. Also, if you look on the Deals and Steals thread, they can find you discount codes =) Welcome to YSL!
  5. Last month there were several medium bags on Bluefly - between $850 and $900. I haven't seen any in awhile, but their stock changes daily. Keep looking there. They have the large size now in chocolate, white and black. With a code you can get them for about $1000. I thought I wanted the medium but I got the large to try it out (since it was available) and I am thrilled with the size.
    There is a medium size on Diabro in olive, which looks like a really nice color. It is a little over $900 US, the price has gone up recently as the dollar has been dropping.
    Good luck in your search and show us what you choose!
  6. There was a medium ivory muse this morning on Bluefly. Keep checking every morning and you will find one there.
  7. I also believe (hope) that YSL will put some of the seasonal colors on sale in November....which may include white. Good luck!
  8. I hope so!!! i wanna get a white downtown...i will wait till november...coz i just bought a tribute...so will wait for sale for my next YSL bag!!!
  9. I would love to order on-line. But I'm interested in purchasing it at the boutique. I live near one and would love the experience of it all. Some of you ladies said there is a sale in Nov.? What does the sale usually consist of? Is the sale better than Bluefly? Would I be better off buying it on-line? Sorry so many questions, but I need to save as much as possible. Thanks again.
  10. From what I recall the boutique sale was 30% off. BlueFly is always 20% off. And if you check the deals & steals forum you may be able to grab a 15% off code, which will make your discount about 32% off from BlueFly.
  11. hi all, i'm also new to the YSL forum. i am seriously in love with the RG in black. i saw from other threads that many posted about their finds on Bluefly, but since i read from other subforums that there were concerns of fake bags being sold on there, i was wondering if any of you has had any problems with your YSL purchases from them?

    thanks in advance!
  12. How much could a YSL Medium muse cost now?
  13. hi everyone, i know someone already posted a thread that the muse is on sale right now. you might want to check the thread on it. the colors are limited though to purple & caramel.