YSL newbie--I think I love the patent croc!

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  1. I have not seen irl, but this beauty caught my eye online. Any insight into the durability and look of this bag. I have been wanting an exotic, but this gives the look at about half the cost!

  2. I think a few members have this beauty in black. It's gorgeous!

  3. I really love the patent croc on my new Catwalk. Here's the thread with some pictures and impressions of it:


    It really doesn't give it a true exotic look, though, it just looks like a subtle embossed pattern on the patent. I've mentioned a few times that I really like it on the very simple bags like the Catwalk (and the Raspail that you're looking at) because it adds some needed texture and interest. I personally would probably stick with the croc embossed patent in black, but if the red has really caught your eye and you want to make a statement, then you should go with what you love.

    Also, it's a lambskin patent so it's soft, thin and lightweight, especially compared to the thick textured patent which YSL also uses. This patent is glossy and more prone to scratches (which is another reason why I would favor black as they're less noticeable), but in the case of my Catwalk, I think it suits the bag very well.