YSL Nail Touch?

  1. Has anyone tried this? It's a pen brush and I'm dying to try it. I can't find it online and I sure can't find it in my dinky town yet. I NEED it! Any of you lucky enough to get your hands on it and what do you think?
  2. I wnat to next week!
  3. If my Nordies has it when I go Friday to pick up my pre-sale items, I am definitely grabbing it.

    I am not a nail person. I keep them dreadfully short and usually don't wear polish. IF I do its clear. I can't risk any polish marks or nail marks on my work.
  4. One of my friends just got it and she loves it! she said its super easy to use and the colors are great
  5. I was at Nordstrom yesterday, but I forgot to pick one up! I can't wait to use one.