YSL Nadja Bag

  1. I am thinking about buying a vintage nadja bag. I know it's not hot anymore, but I always loved this bag. I just wanted to be sure I'm buying a true one. So I wanted to ask to someone who knows the bag:how is the interior lining? Suede or cotton? What should I check to be sure I am buying a true one? Thanks ;)
  2. I have mine packed away -- moving. When I unearth it from the pile, I will let you know...
  3. PS -- I think they are super cute (can't get better than Tom Ford), even if they aren't "trendy"
  4. I had a beige suede Nadja rose in the larger size. It had a dark brown suede interior with a zipper pocket and cell phone pocket. Hope this helps! They pop up on eBay all the time...I would love to get the leather one - not sure if the interior is different on those.
  5. I have two tan large leather ones... one I used to death and a mint one to use later... but anyhow..both have dark brown suede lining.
  6. i have owned a suede as well as a leather, they both have a chocolate suede lining. i haven't seen an actual fake of these bags yet, so i wuldn't worry. but be mindful the suede is high maintanence and the leather does scratch a bit easily. beautiful bag though...