YSL Muse zippers

  1. Help!

    We are trying to determine if YSL has changed the 2008 muse zippers from 'Lampo' to 'YSL' (similar to the Tribute)...

    My OS muse zippers have 'Lampo' and all the other muses I have seen have 'Lampo', too (2006 and 2007), but if you could please share what your muse zipper has on the back, we ('Authenticate This' folk) would really appreciate your input!:yes:
  2. my large muse zipper says YSL. i bought it about 2 weeks ago. hope this helps :smile:
  3. mine too, says ysl. and it's the new spring/summer 2007-2008 collection.
  4. Wow. Thank you so much for your response! This really helps! :yes:

    So, do 2006 and some 2007 muses (medium, large and OS) have Lampo zippers and the newer 2007-2008 muses (all sizes) have YSL zippers like the tributes...?
  5. Hi All
    What about the zipper on pocket inside the bag? It must to be blank?
  6. My new OS Muse has "YSL" stamped on the back of the zippers. The back of the zipper on the interior pocket is unstamped.
  7. My large black muse purchased in fall 2006 have YSL stamped on the zippers.
  8. Girls, many many thanks for help!!!
  9. Reviving this... mine's from 2007... and it has Lampo stamped at the back ;)