YSL Muse worth full price??

  1. Uggg im having the hardest time deciding between bags. Right now Im picking between the muse and the Tods "d" bag. Is the must worth it full price? i know it frequent goes on sale. Is the large able to carry a ton of stuff? thanks for the info!
  2. the large can hold a ton.
    the xlarge a ton and a half.

    i think they are worth getting brand new. The structure will be perfect that way. I had a used one and it was fine, but my girlfriend bought a brand new one and I was super jealous at how amazing it looked.
  3. It is a great bag and worth getting new

    that said, I did get mine on Bluefly for 20% off

    I think the large is a great size
  4. I agree that it's worth getting new -- it's a classic. Some of the seasonal colors will probably go on sale in Nov, but if you want black it'll be worth paying full price.
  5. The Muse holds sooooo much,but i does get heavy with time,
    I love my white one,but it stains fast....i wish i gotten a brown one or black,but i get lots of compliments!
  6. I think if you'll use it often and that you love it, it's worth the full price. And you can be sure that it hasn't been banged around by someone else.
  7. The muse is a classic bag and well worth the full price IMO. I own a large black one and it can hold a ton of stuff.
  8. im going to go with the muse..i wish Saks would get in more black large ones..do you think they will re-stock?
  9. I did pay full price for mine, which is unusual for me. I do love it, and it holds tons. I have the XL in Chocolate, and love the color. I don't plan on selling it/trading it, I think it's absolutely classic.
  10. I have the OS muse, bought it last year - i still love it! Its such a great bag, and a classic, and can hold so much.
  11. I got my oversized Muse in black leather, and I love it, not only it fits all the junk that I usualy carry, its also hold my laptop and a pair of shoes if needed. Love it love it love it. I think its totally worth it to have one of these