1. I've been browsing online - but it seems to be sold out everywere i've looked (Saks - BG - NM)...

    Where are ladies purchasing this bag from?
  2. try YSL stores - the one in chicago had quite a few
  3. I got my white from Saks (Ndo in nyc is nice!) and black from Bergdorf (Carla in nyc got me mine). But I did not order online (it may not be online .. but it may be at the actual store). I worked with the SA at the store. So you may want to call some of the stores and if you have a nice SA, I bet they would find one for you. (or try the ysl boutiques as jacuelinez notes). Good luck!
  4. Are u specifically only after the XL? Or is the large ok?
  5. ^^I'm pretty sure I want the XL. I haven't decided between the black or white yet though....
  6. I'm desperately looking for the Large Tan Muse and can't find it anywhere. Saks.com seem to have run out ,they had it on pre-order but I kept waiting to see if I could find it elsewhere and now they don't have it anymore. YSL stores don't have it in this color so I'm verry dissapointed..:sad2:
  7. I am in the Netherlands and I have ordered mine from YSL in Berlin.

    I tried calling Selfridges in London first,but they were so spectacularly unhelpful (5 people denied that they stock YSL bags at all while many London girls reported having seen multiple muses on the shop floor that weekend,and the Selfridges buying director herself had mentioned the bag as a "hot tip for Spring" in a magazine interview:blink: ).

    I've had wonderful service from berlin,they spoke perfect English,and the shipping cost was a lot less than from london even though London is technically closer to where I am.
  8. Beauxgoris, call Saks in Beverly Hills. They had several the last time I was there. I was actually quite surprised by the amount, considering it is supposed to be one of the new It bags...
  9. What size are you getting? I love the large... it looks so great on. Please post pics if you do, would love to see 'em :smile:
  10. I'm getting the large (not sure whom your post refers to so jumping in LOL) and will certainly post piccies when it arrives.:biggrin:
  11. I have the black large. I went in to YSL-Houston Galleria thinking I would want the XL - but it was way too big (and I love BIG bags). Even the SA thought the XL was too big of a bag. It comes way up under your armpits, not easy to carry on the shoulders that way. You may want to reconsider the size you are looking for. My store always seems to have plenty to look at.
  12. I saw a couple at NM in White Plains, NY.
  13. YSL in South Coast Plaza typically has some in stock.
  14. I bought my small muse in bronze from YSL South Coast Plaza
  15. A small bronze???:nuts: Sounds awesome,could you post a pic for us please??