YSL Muse updates

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  1. The Muse is available in these colors at the NY YSL store: Chocolate, White, Green and Black for the oversize. In chocolate, black, tan and white for the large. And in chocolate, green and black for the medium. They pretty much have every color in every size.

    Some observations...I'm starting to really love the chocolate. The black is a classic but for some reason, I'm not loving the white in person. It looks great on the pics but it's too much for me. The chocolate is my favorite. I spoke with the SA and she says that they've been flying off the shelves but Paris has been replenishing the Muse stocks and they've been getting lots of new orders.

    So for those who want are flirting with the idea of buying the Muse, not to worry. It's going to be around for a while...
  2. Onewmynarmy, how much $$ were each of the sizes?
  3. I seem to recall a difference of $100-$150 between sizes...medium somewhere around $1075, large $1175, etc. Someone will know the exact prices (or they may be found on the NM, BG, or Saks websites).
  4. SoCal is right about the prices...thanks for the update too!!

    Man this is tempting! Just when I resolved to the fact that I was going to wait! Darn it!
  5. $1095, $1195, $1295 for oversize.
  6. I'd like to get the medium in tan. Does anyone know if the medium is available in tan?
  7. any pics of the green? i think i haven't seen it in green before. thanx
  8. I caught a glimpse of the green at YSL South Coast Plaza on Friday. I seem to recall the color as sage-like.
  9. Yep, I saw the green last week. I believe the color is called Moss, which describes it perfectly. Medium... mossy... sage.
  10. i didn't see the tan in medium but you can certainly check with the YSL store in NY. they're really helpful and nice. the number is 212.980.2970.
  11. Thanks for the info. I'll contact the NY store. :P
  12. I want to take a second look at this bag, the oversized is beautiful!
  13. I know I posted this in another thread but I saw one today as a matter of fact at the NM in Scottsdale, AZ. I tried it on to get a feel of what the medium felt like and it felt sooooooooooo good!!!!! :shame: I prefer the chocolate but the tan was definitely there if you want to give them a call. I saw only one tan in medium.
  14. When I went to NM in my area today they had a medium tan. However, I was expecting it to be an orangy tan, but it was more like a mustard/yellow tan. I passed on it, but thanks again for the heads-up.:P