YSL Muse sizes and where to get them?

  1. I can only find the Oversized and Large Metallic Muse on NM...and they don't state the dimensions...what are they?

    In addition, how big is the medium and is there a small? How big are they? Where can I get them? :huh:
  2. ^^Call your local NM store.
  3. Nordstrom in downtown Seattle have two right now. Extra large in Black and Large in Choco. Call Peggy (SA) there at 206-628-2111
  4. I have the medium Muse in a chocolate brown metallic. I would say try places like Neiman's (that's where I got mine), Saks, and YSL boutiques. The approximate measurements are:

    9" H X 12.5"/13" L (at widest) X 3.5"/4" W (at widest).

    Hope this helps!
  5. My favorite size is the medium. I saw some in Saks in NYC about two weeks ago.
  6. The NM in Troy, MI has a ton of Muses! Lisa Hamlin is great. (248) 643-3300 (main number) or her direct (248) 635-8442.
  7. Thanks gals ...think I'll go with the medium...:yes:
  8. I am new here, but a long time lurker. I just got my XL/oversize muse today and it is HUGE! But I still love it!:heart:

    I do have a big rant about NM online, I ordered it two days ago and I requested personalization. I knew when I got home today and saw the big box that they had not done it!:cry: I called customer service and they told me to find someone locally to do it and then NM would reimburse me the cost. I am just going to forget about the embossing, not pleased at all with NM online.:censor:

    The bag is fabulous, I also want it white. Good luck finding your bag.
  9. Congratulations on your new bag, cilla. I hope you get lots of wonderful use out of it. I'm sorry that Neiman Marcus erred on their end.

    Welcome to the forum.
  10. Does anyone know how much is the medium muse going for?
  11. Saw three sizes today at Neiman Marcus in Northbrook,IL. Had a small in white, med in black and large in caramel brown on display.
  12. The Medium Muse retails for $1095 (not including tax).
  13. Yay Cilla - you got your bag! Sorry about the personalization mix-up though. I hope mine works out OK.
    Happy to see you here! :smile:
  14. Congrats Cilla! Sorry about the NM stuff-up though!

    We want pics, lol!
  15. I was trying to get a feel for a different bag today when I saw several muses at the YSL boutique at Marshall Fields on State in Chicago today...several mediums in Black, Carmel/tan, Brown, metallic. XL in canvas w/ leather trim in several different colors.

    I'm familiar with YSL at all, but I THINK I also saw an XL in an animal print? All this looking has really turned me onto this bag more and more...